Published: 10:21 | 15/6/21

Canning dismisses criticism

Galway star Joe Canning feels that the current wave of criticism aimed at hurling is unwarranted.

High free counts, lighter sliotars with smaller rims and hurleys with a bigger bases have all contributed to higher scoring games of late, but the Galway marksman believes that increased skill levels are the key contributor.

As a result, the Portumna man feels that the game should be celebrated rather than criticised. 

“People talk about the 2014 All-Ireland final, the drawn match, as one of the best games that we’ve ever seen," he said. 

"Do you remember the score in that? 3-22 to 1-28. Do you know what I mean? That’s 31 points each.

“People say that was one of the best games ever, and that’s a high scoring game. That was back seven years ago now. It’s kind of a thing that somebody might say it, and then everybody jumps on the bandwagon and goes, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s getting too crazy, the scores’.

“And then there was another thing about the frees being too much. But nobody reported then, against Waterford I think I only hit four frees. Against Cork, I think Evan Niland only hit seven frees or something like that, roughly.

“That’s not too many frees. But nobody has said the free-count has come down in the last two weeks. All they’re talking about is there’s too many frees. Perception is sometimes skewed in a way that it wants to be skewed.

“I think when you do facts, it’s the same about the ball, everybody is saying the ball is way too light, ‘The ball is too light, we need to make it heavier’. When in fact, it’s almost the same weight as it was back in 2005.

“There was nothing said about it. Even when Diarmuid O’Sullivan scored that point from over 100 yards back in the early 2000s, that was supposedly one of the best scores ever, the ball wasn’t too light back then. So people can be funny sometimes with how they see things.

“So I think we need to be more positive about it. Maybe it’s just Covid or whatever, that people are getting negative about stuff. 

"People seem to give out about things a bit more lately than they ever did. So try and look at the positives. Take it for what it is and try and enjoy it."

Image: Sportsfile

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